Tuesday, May 01, 2007

happy tues

so as i may have mentioned our Time Warner (sucks gigantic cock) internet is down....They made me drive all the way to mayfair last night, wait in line 25 min to get a new modem, which did nothing....then last night i sat on hold for an hour waiting to make an appt to have someone come out and look at it and no one picked up...during heroes BTW so basically I missed most of it with crappy TW music in my ear....Then they cant come till saturday (fine) but will credit me for a weeks downtime (ok great), at least the chick this morning said "well we can get a signal but its really faint" and was actually apologetic and helpful. That does go a long way in placating me...the last 2 girls were bored and irritable...

Poor Mo Tom...he was supposed to go to Toronto this weekend for his birthday...he has been waiting since Feb for his passport and it hasnt come in. The passport office keeps jiving him "oh yes, we are expediting that....umm well there is a problem....blah blah blah" so he had to cancel his plans and he is going to Denver instead...I miss being single..

In other travel news, Ryan's Ashley is now guilting me via email (kiddin!) into coming down to ATL to put Ryan in his place (not as cool as me) but it would be really hard to leave the kids and Dale (well not HARD, but you know what I mean) for a vacation for a weekend since I have no coin of the realm (ie something dale really wants) to barter with in trade...I have decided that on a whole I feel really Bad that since I have kids I just expect (?) my friends to come visit me since its nigh to impossible to visit them.....I mean, I havent seen Bryce in almost 4 years and the only reason I saw him in Feb was his wedding....I havent seen Dylan and Dan in 2-4 years (although I think I did see Dan when he was up here for Matts wedding and Dylan for his 10 yr....so thats what? 2yrs?) like I can get down to Texas....we havent gone to KY to see the Reynolds (but then again, they dont appear to be speaking to us anymore so should I find guilt in that?)...havent been down to ATL to see Ryan (which sucks because that would be what, the cost of the flight? taking a Detla from MKE to ATL would prob. cost 2.00....) but Andrea (now also not speaking to me) has been here three times and Ryan once (sadly we got what 30 min? to eat lunch together...)...Laura is coming back from Africa in June and will be driving from Texas to the midwest in July, once again, I cant see her unless she road trips (but I honestly dont think she minds, that travel bug of hers!)...and Renee lives like 4 hours away in IL and I can't manage to get down to her (which is disgraceful...seriously)...the only road trip we have planned this year is Door County mid August and Wisconsin Dells sometime this summer...maybe madison once or twice? I guess hearing tom talk about his trips (florida, kentucky, denver, florida etc..) plus my boss (florida for a week) plus my parents (virginia/DC last month, Hawaii this fall...austrailia next spring!) that they are all taking this year is making me feel wanderlusty....plus I have 2 extra days of vacation and all I can think I will use them for is doctors appointments and if the kids get sick, wow. Maybe the DC/Superbowl trip was my price to pay for doing nothing else this year....it would be nice if the kids were a bit older so we could really do things/go places. oh well...i guess its life item #9827632 that you give up for yourself once you have kids.

So without internet at home this week dale and I have established that we think the nights are longer without being able to check emails, read the news etc....although it did work for a total of 3 minutes last night...I cant even import to my ipod cause it needs the internet to know what CD's I am importing...I am an addict and I choose not to get help.

May is also a terrific month for books....I went shopping Saturday (book Vol 2 of Tanya Huff's "Blood" series...a Janet Evanovich book and a card magazine...then today I got the new Charlaine Harris...Next week, new Kelley Anderson, I THINK a new Weis and Hickman, and 2 new anthologies (from my favorite authors)...arg...I can barely keep up (which is a lie. i keep up just fine).

The injections I have to give myself are hurting my belly (cause you have to give them in some sub-q tissue and my deflated post pregnancy belly fits the bill...I can't imagine how sore i'll be after 7 days of this stuff....also when i went to the pharmacy I gave them my new work insurance card (touted by the firm as "wonderful" insurance, and told how much it means to them that we use it to stay healthy, yadda yadda....) well under dale's insurance my 7 days worth of injections cost 30.00, if i would have used my work insurance...$887.30) i am trying to do the math in my head but I can not seem to figure out how 887.30 is better than 30.00? if you can please let me know.

anyways, i should prob. get back to work at some point here (even though I have no desire to do so).bye

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