Monday, May 21, 2007


he fun of disconnection

today at work i found myself with nothing remotly important to do and so i had to somehow come up with something to fill up 8 hours of work. I found a project which allowed me to use a thumbnail amount of my brain on said project and use up the other parts of my brain on more worthwhile adventures. Mostly this was me listening to an audiobook, watching 4 hours of Dead Like Me (2 hours of which made me cry at my desk, but no one pays any attention to me at work so no big deal) and making mental lists of "crap you need to do." CRAP I NEED TO DO:

1. clean house for visit from Ryan, this includes, cleaning bathrooms, dusting, floors, removing garbages from rooms, vacuuming, finding sleeping bag for Ryan and generally getting rid of toddler smells and spills.

2: put all books that have been read into book log and then find space on shelf to put books away. This may mean buying yet another bookshelf and having to somehow hide the fact that i have bought more books from my mate.

3. mow lawn...which shortly after was placed on list was removed from list as husband informed me he will be mowing lawn for exercise. Bummer as mowing lawn is a good 2 hours of non thought music listening to time that I really like...last time dale mowed lawn he weed wacked my Chive plant. I now have no fresh chives. This is unacceptable.

4. convince husband to hang up large mountain of clothes on chair. This will be the 500th time I have asked for pile to move itself from chair into closet and the 500th time husband has hoped the magical housecleaning fey will come out from their hills and clean the house. This has never yet happened, as everyone knows, the fey do not do housework.

5. clean garage. i do not want to clean the garage, i am simply putting on list to show my willingness to accept that i have a dirty garage and the hope that the magical garage cleaning fey will do it for me. the fey also do not clean nor do they have garages so this is a wishful thinking todo.

6. repaint nails, they are chipped and not pretty. its a small thing, but it would make me inwardly happy.

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