Monday, May 28, 2007


So we went to Pirates this afternoon, had to wait in line to get a seat (a feat which has not been seen since LOTR a few years back. It was well worth the 7.00, but not worth the totally geeky family next to us in overweight and loud telling same lame joke about how if he had his "sword" he could clear the line and he would rather have that sword because his gun only has one shot heh overweight weraing pirates of the carribean shorts (which I think she made herself) and which were riding up her thighs (which was no treat as they may mirror my own, i dunnno) and son. oh the poor abused son. maybe 10-11? glasses who brought not one, not two but 10 plastic POTC action figures and kept telling who ever would look that "this is the special advanced preview elizabeth swann in her singapore outfit" and role playing the movie with the figures on the floor. He also had his POTC pocketwatch (which looks like Captn Jack's compass) and kept informing us every 3-4 minutes that it was "15 minutes till yo ho ho time." as we walked in the family was going to sit right next to us and i informed dale i just would not be able to handle 3 and a half hours of the family LARP. We moved back one row...the geekdad then went in and out of the theatre past the huge row of people saying "watch out, incredibly thin guy coming through" (i shit you not I could not make this up) and then once again going through the sword/gun bit...OWmom then said to kid "don't worry honey, everyone knows thats your daddy!" Dale asked me how much that kid gets the crap kicked out of him at school guess was at least 5 but no less than 3.

on the one hand, its great that they prove that there is someone out there for everyone and that everyone can breed and create more kids who will grow up to be megageeks (or as they call um on SNL "geeky spaz"), and on the other hand, I hope that I never ever pass on my dorky geek gene to the kids or if I do (since its probable as Mya is obsessed with spiderman) they learn to keep their inner geek hidden until you are in your parents basement roleplaying....

the movie itself was good, i enjoyed it, i think the sequel (if they make it) would be great and i think they need to have more naked chest orlando bloom.

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