Tuesday, May 08, 2007

a trademark on nature?

rademarking nature?

A special offer today only.
$10 off Vera Wang™ flowers for Mother's Day

Now I came across this on the front page of Yahoo when i was wasting time reading the news.

How the hell do you TRADEMARK a flower? I mean, those look like your standard pink roses and some greenery...how the hell does Vera Wang Trademark a flower? Do I have to ask permission to use pink roses from now on? Do I have to pay a royalty or licensing fee if i have pink roses in the house? Is this the equivelent to Ralph Lauren winning a lawsuit against "Polo" Magazine (a magazine dedicated to POLO the sport) for copyright infringement. I think I shall trademark and copyright "football" "soccer" and "baseball" and require all persons wishing to use those words to pay me 1 million dollars.

Has the world gone mad?

Is the sky blue?

Will Ryan have a good day off tomorrow which shall be ruined in due course by someone before midnight on wed?

answer to all questions is yes....

dear god.

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