Monday, May 14, 2007

mothers day

mothers day

I dont really understand the point of Mothers Day or Fathers Day. Someone asked me today if I had a nice mothers day...honestly it was the same as any other Sunday. I didnt get any special treatment, Dale did spend 13.00 on roses...which was nice and everything but I would have been the same regardless of if I had received them or not...(mostly it was an annoyance since the kids threw a hissy fit wanting to "help" me put them in the water.....) I sent cards to my in laws and my mom, my mom brought over make up for me (nice, but not necessary) seems pretty silly to have a day to recognize your parents...I try to treat my parents nice every day...and I am sure (or I hope) that they know I appreciate them daily for all the help they give me...I dunno...maybe as I get older I find that those Hallmark Holidays are a drag vs something sweetest day? what the fuck is sweetest day? why does dale need to get me something in October for sweetest day? I dont think I have ever wanted something for that that a less threatening valentines day for unmarried couples? what? I guess I can understand adminstrative professionals (secretary) day because god knows if you dont take your underpaid, bitchy, lord-it-over-the-whole-office-that-you-order-the-postits phone answerer girl out to applebeas that day you will get even worse attitude the rest of the year......but Bosses day? Fuck my boss, I have to appreciate my boss? When is "kiss you employees ass" day? mid november?

maybe this all comes from a growing discontentment I have with my job...I think that it can be established as a given that no matter what you do at your job or who you are, from the lowly mailroom peon to the CFO, you spend some part of your work day fucking around on the job. Fucking around being doing something not work related on company time. What really pisses me off are the blatent fuck around-ers. I think you can fuck around at work and no one notices, like if you are spending 10 min an hour reading the news on or if you bought something online at or you called your mom and talked to her on company time...Chances are no one would notice that cause you are at your desk. The fuck-around-ers that piss me off are the people who are so obvious about their fucking aroundage. Like my coworker we shall call the kangaroo. so called because she is incapable of sitting at her desk and working for more than 10 minutes before she jumps up to fuck around...she bops in whenever she wants, sits, turns on computer, hops up, gets coffee and does her 1st rounds around the office for a 30-45 min period to check in with her peeps..sits down, works 10 minutes, hops up, talks to receptionist for 30min...sits back down, works for 10 min, hops up, takes an hour or hour and half (paid) lunch, comes back...sits down, gets afternoon coffee (30-40 min process) works 10 min, hops up, does her afternoon walks-around and works another 10 min and then leaves early for the day. It is impossible NOT to notice that she has accomplished NOTHING all day since she is never at her fucking desk.

Me? I get into work, run a report and surf the net while its running...i call my mom while im workingi email back and forth with people outside of work about non work related things, i make doctors appts...but all the while Im doing whatever it is I should be doing...Do i feel like I am the pot calling the kettle black? No, because I can say i sat at my desk and did something 8 and a half hours today, regardless of me fucking around for maybe 30 min (i didnt take my paid 30 min lunch today or any day mind you) during my least if someone had to compare what I accomplished vs the kangaroo it would be obvious who is working.

whatever...i guess it boggles my mind daily how some people are just teflon around here

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