Friday, March 30, 2007

why does it always rain on me?

name the song lyric win a cookie....tonight dale figured out he could convert rome season 1 from his zen format to my itunes format so rome season 1going back to netflix.....we then have mallrats extended ed, dogma, and dead like me season 1 coming whenever netflix gets my discs.....

sorry conserv8 is having a shit day, can i guess which family member called you?

today its kind of a bummer when i was thinking about the conundrum which is "are you obligated to like your spouces friends/vice versa?" i realized that back in the day i fucking hated some people dale hung with and was mostly (a lot) a bitch to them and then (oddly) became really good friends with one of them (until the final trip to the derby anyways).....

now i have been inundated with "so what does your husband think of...." questions....its kind of a sticky wicket because:
1. dale isnt one of those people who are all "i forbid you to see that person."
2. i can only think of one instance when a person was banned/excommunicated from our lives/home and i was fully on board with that
3. we arent the same person so the expectation that i like everyone he likes and he likes everyone i like is retarded. (case i point, i jones for Hugh Laurie, dale...not so much...)
4. i am not one of those people who asks dale for his approval on what i generally a "and here's what im doing/talking to/going to" girl...

i think this week (today) i broke on someone at work when they asked "so what does dale think of you still speaking to _____and_____." I sort of blew up in their face along the lines of "do you think i fucking have nothing better to do than sit for hours and ask my hubby what he thinks of ____ and ___? and even if he thought that they were bus people or the greatest human beings since fucking jesus or something, why does it matter? I think the person was a bit taken aback at my outburst..i may or may not apologize monday!

tomorrow: dentist 1 pm.....diabetic test early am + protime, groc. shopping

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