Thursday, March 15, 2007


Today was free coffee day at starbucks..'mo and I went to get a cup around 10am...good was it was free..bad was it was the Verona Blend and I dont like super strong coffee. The tourney starts today and like I said to Ryan, I fucking love the NCAA tourney and I dont even like college sports. Wish we would be able to stream the games here at work, stupid internet blocking.
I am a bit wenchy about dales computer, Ive been trying to convert movies and the damn program we are using has been hosing itself and not ripping the movies...I tried to do a movie 4 times and it hosed the I turned off Dale's computer last night and didnt realize it had his Zen attached so he was mad at me this morning. Sorry about that.....
Malinda's lice alarm turned out to be cuscus in her hair for dinner..I'm glad I bought 20.00 worth of lice crap for indian cream of wheat.

and i have 2nd degree burns on my hand from spilling my soup on it!

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