Monday, July 16, 2007

sad day at work

sort of a sad day here at work. 'MoTom wasnt here when I came in this morning (very odd) I was going to call him with a usual "where the F are you?" but got sidetracked and didnt call...about 7:30 Kurt comes in, I ask "where is 'MoTom?" Kurt proceeds to tell me his mom died VERY unexpectedly Saturday Morning/Friday night and he didnt find out about it till Saturday night (he was at a wedding in Manitowoc 2 hrs away) and rushed home from it (taking an hour to get back home) to see his mom being taken away (very sad). It was very unexpected as she was in great health and very spry for her age (70, I think.). So he is here but just to review his Mom's will with an attorney here. I believe I will go to her service on Wed because I like 'MoTom.

I also take exception to the phrase "passed away unexpectedly." Ok, when do you expect people to die? I understand if you have a long illness or something I guess your death is expected in some respects, but at the end of the day, unless you are planning on murdering someone and tell everyone in the world your plans, isnt everyones death unexpected? I dunno. Maybe its right up there with people saying "she passed last night." Passed? passed what, a hamburger, gas, the gas station...say "passed away" if you must... ( i take no credit for that part of the rant, someone else brought that up 1st>)

and I feel a bit more republican today than I am comfortable with, it has been proposed that in WI we get universal health care by the working people (me) paying part of the cost for the non working people (everyone else). I dont really want to pay for people like my coworker, lets call her Kringle. She was rec. in the hospital in ICU for something like 3 weeks with pnumonia, her lungs collapsed, she had to be cracked open and her lungs flushed out of goop, big deal....wasnt here at work for something like 2 you would think that a month or so of not being able to smoke would inspire you to FUCKING QUIT SMOKING SINCE YOU HAVE A HEAD START AT IT? no. shes outside puffing away at her 2 pk a day habit. Its people like this who I dont want to pay for health coverage because you obviously arent smart enough to take care of yourself by quitting while you are a head.
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