Wednesday, July 25, 2007

drunky mc drunk

Is everyone I know some sort of deranged alcoholic?

So this week at work we have someone who so obviously has a drinking
issue (ie, cant ever come to work because they Andrew WK it so much)
someone else who got likkered up and beat up on the baby momma (for
like the 982623th time) and someone else who got their 3rd Drunk
Driving ticket (and they have only been 21 for a little over 8
months). The 1st person really pisses me off because they know they
have a problem but have said flat out "I won't do anything or admit it
to anyone because I dont want to go to rehab and my mom will cut me
off if I do that." the 2nd person got kicked out of their own house
(and had to leave the babymomma and baby) and has like their um-teenth
court date next month, and the 3rd person is such an idiot anyway that
I'm surprised the cops can tell the difference when he drives sober as
he is a moron no matter what. I guess I'm more tolerant outside of
work (to people I know and like) having addiction issues. When its'
people I work with and the company doesnt seem to want to do anything
or say anything (They have history of being OK with people coming to
work drunk/hungover/reeking of the Boone's Farm) and either fire these
people for their repeated absences

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