Monday, July 30, 2007

do you have a case of the monday's?

So Im recovering from a long weekend with nothing much that went on. The brewers dropped 3, do they are only a 1/2 game up on the Cubs who can not lose apparantly (looks like if things keep up we won't even make the playoffs)...We didnt really do anything this weekend, went to Madison on Saturday for the farmers market (got zucchinis for my mom to make zucchini bread), ate at Noodles and Co on state street and was appalled at the beautification of state street, all the quirky, cool shops they used to have have been replaced by The Gap and huge art museums and stuff...bah.

yesterday we went to westwood, my mom took everyone swimming, dale and i worked out..then the kids didnt want to sleep last night (i think owen went out at 9:30? or later) so this morning was a fun time getting everyone up...owen was making sock puppets (out of his socks) and having a puppet show...then when i busted him again it was having his white and pink cow beating up buzz lightyear....i think he has a future in the theatre.

This week I have nothing planned except for a brewers game this sunday..

Im watching Flight of the Conchords on my ipod this week...(free from itunes) and I can't decide if its funny or not, I mean I like the music videos part of the show the music is catchy and all, but Im not really sold on the non singing part...i dunno, its a wierd show (man)...

I am also watching Welcome to The Parker. which is about this swank hotel in Palm Springs/Beverly hills (whatever) Ive never heard of the place but damn do they have issues, I may have to watch this show weekly, its high art, dayum!

My shoe just broke, there goes my 20.00 kohls sandals...they lasted like 3 months....arrrrrg, im having a day.

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