Thursday, July 26, 2007

please dont get me started

Please dont let me get started on the crap my fellow employees are pulling at work, I will pop a blood vessel in my brain. I guess this whole issue of lack of work ethic is something I just dont understand. Maybe it comes from having a strong self employed/union background on my grandparents side and a strong work ethic home life (my dad as a teacher and administrator worked often 12 hr days, plus summers plus weekends and even though is retired still works a stupid amount of hours in the district + my mom doesnt know how to NOT work.) that I just don't get how people live their lives by showing up for work "when they feel like it." I thought Frank and Allison were bad when I worked at GE (where you got 20 sick days startin in Jan and they would be out of days by like early March) but DAMN people around, those two yahoos from BITD have got nothin on my coworkers.... Its enough going around here to make me into a teeotaler (which I pretty much am anyway since like when would i get time to drink?).

Today at work watched Maverick (funny, before Mel Gibson was all crazy-ed up), Ghost Rider (so so, liked Hellboy better) and started watching Big Love (men and you thought you had problems with one wife? you want to get all exponentially harassed with 3? damn!) which is very intriguing. I also started converting Scrubs which I had never previously watched, but now Dale seems to be hooked so I guess I should start at the beginning....the shows I've seen on TV are beyond funny..once again, why wasnt i watching this show before?

Today is rainy and humid, the weather online catagorizes it as 77 and "Hazy." I hope that Owen was able to get outside at Erins (he is at Erin's today, playing with baby Lucy who he adores) at first I was a bit wierded out at having him watched in someone elses house, but since we know Erin and since she is certified to work at the daycare I am pretty sure she can handle one infant and one toddler with attitude (who bit and hit his teacher 4 times in 2 hours yesterday).

Tonight, fun fun, we get to clean the garage
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