Tuesday, July 31, 2007


o today I am watching a free preview of "Flipping Out" which I think is on Bravo...Basically you have a guy with OCD that buys properties in California, fixes them up and flips the house. This guy redefines bat shit crazy. His assistants hate him, he has a maid for his pets, something like 6 psychics, pet whisperers, a primal scream therapist, does wacky all employee house blessings, and he's like 4 million in debt or god knows what...but has like 18 million in realestate he is trying to flip. They are totally nice houses, you know if you want 2000 sq feet for 2.8 million. Gotta love that California shit.

there is this wierd vibe around here that a certain supervisor is going out of their way to try (we think) and get someone fired around here. now according to this person, the fact that their boss is overseeing every minute of every hour of their day (they feel) is harassment, even though that boss has caught them I dunno how many times, fucking around or not doing what they should be doing or taking 2 hours to do a 20 minute job etc...now I agree having your boss looking over your shoulder all day every day is annoying as hell, but your boss and the company pretty much own you so if they want to sit and watch you work i guess they can and I dont think you can claim its harassment for them to expect you to do your job and to make sure you do your job. This person is also complaining that the boss doesnt do this for everyone else he oversees, and it was very hard for me to bite my tongue and say "well maybe that's because those people havent given him a reason to do that." i dunno, somedays you just wish they would fire the deadweight right away.

The powers that be are also on a tatoo + piercing kick. They are now forcing people to cover any visable tats with bandaids, gauze and tape, or clothes so (for example) my coworker who has cherries on her boob (well the top anyways) and usually wears scoop neck shirts, now has to cover her tat with a giant plastic bandaid (which only covers like 2/3 of her tat so its even more noticable that she has this tat) and a huge gauze and tape thing on her calf (to cover up her leg tat) so it looks like she is in the burn ward or something i dunno...and its even more noticable and obvious that something is there when you have this big ass bandaid in wierd ass places. Someone asked me what my tat was (i have none) since i have a big ass bandaid on my arm (burned on oven) so i said "um I have no tatoos?" they said "whats the bandaid for?" I proceeded to show them my oven burn, peely nasty festeringness and all...that pretty much caused an "oh, right, sorry." now anyone with a bandaid must be hiding a tatoo? shannon, I think jason would bust the bandaid bank if he had to work here and cover up with bandaids! Its just so lame that you'd make someone bandaid up...I would think it would be less obvious if you had them go home and change clothes, put on pants a higher necked/long sleve shirt or something...then another coworker walked by and her boob tat is peaking out blue as day...beyond stupid.

hooray my HP VII audiobook is back at the library, I can pick it up today, too fun!

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