Monday, July 09, 2007

better late than never!

another Friday is here, hazah. We have no plans for this weekend that I can think of. There is a ton of stuff we could do, but I haven't narrowed down to what we plan on doing to keep the kids busy quite yet. I know we have to return stuff to the library and that's it. I think its supposed to be pretty hot this weekend, that leaves out the summerfest (aka, drinky drinky music time) is going on downtown so that cuts out the museums down there....I would consider going to Madison for farmers market, but I always seem to pick the weekend with no fresh produce (aka, art faire on the square) which upsets me when I plan for fresh zucchini and I get modern art, generally you cant eat the art.

Bob had suggested trying Minooka park. He said the beach is very clean and they sweep/rake it every day and I guess its $5.00 a carload to use the beach. He said Keira had a great time at the beach and the water is very shallow for a good ways out...I think the kids would have fun but I'm a bit nervous 3 kids and 2 parents plus a big beach and water may equal disaster...

There is also a wooden railway somewheres out in east troy that takes people on a steam train for like a 45 min scenic ride ending at elegant farmer (yum pies) which I think is a def. maybe...the kids love the trains....

I am also sure there is some random church festival around the area which has sweet corn (which IMHO is a food from the gods).

In news of the hurt back depending on which way I sit/stand/lay it doesn't hurt at all, move an inch and BAM pain. The pills from the doctor which I didn't think were doing anything actually seem to work as I toughed it out last night and didn't take one before bed (large mistake). I think the hot tub after work did help a bit (hooray for Westwood).

'moTom & CG & I are talking about a weekend road trip down to IL to go to IKEA. As much as I love the look of IKEA I know the furn. is crappy (well cheep in an expensive way) but it looks purdy. I am thinking of getting some accessories for the new bedroom downstairs. My one starting point for the great move is to grab paint swatches from Home Depot, tape them to the wall and contemplate starting to paint. The reality of moving 4 bookshelves worth of books upstairs and the desks and the rest of the stuff is stopping the great move. My parents are also giving us their old (meaning, no one has walked on it, or spilled on it and after 15 years looks brand new) piano room carpet (a pretty light blue and plushy) to recarpet the horrible bedroom (the carpet is so tamped down that you cant even vac. it....dirt just sort of pushes itself around) so I'm waiting till we have that carpet before moving the stuff...(its a perfectly plausible reason to not spend an entire Saturday moving stuff around).

the great purge of useless crap around my house stalled this week, I did not get my large garbage bag of stuff tossed out. I did fill up 3 paper bags of old clothes that are ripped, don't fit pit stained (dales) and socks we don't wear. That all goes to my moms to decide if its good for rags or to the salvation army. So I think that could qualify as me decluttering for the week. Dale has a bit more space in his closet and I have no appreciable difference in mine (its hard to get rid of summer clothes you don't wear when you really have a lack of summer clothes to wear). I think the next room to tackle is the living room (aka the room we never use) which really has no "stuff" but seems to accumulate the junk we don't want to put away. I also plan on weeding through the 3 shelves of Rubbermaid, Tupperware, and gladwear containers that we have clogging up the pantry. Half of them don't have lids, half the lids don't have containers and I wonder daily why I have so many containers I don't use. They are destined for the recycle bin. The last project is the dungeon of the under the stairs storage. There is so much crap (mostly xmas crap) that in order to get to the crap you have to pull all the crap in front of the crap out to find the crap you were looking for in the first place (its horrible and its my fault) I think the lost city of Atlantis is somewhere under the stairs. The reason its lost is that the xmas tree, high chair, random boxes of crap and my camping backpack are blocking the view of the lost city. Oh, does anyone NEED a high chair? It is without a doubt, next to the wipes warmer, the most useless baby gift we ever got. I hated the high chair, rarely used the high chair, and it takes up way way too much space in my tiny kitchen. High chairs are smegma.

So I just finished a one-off book by OOMFA Kelley Anderson called Exit Strategy. She usually writes this series called Women of the Otherworld which is a fantasy/horror/mystery series where vampires, witches (not the pointy hat kind), were's etc.. exist...this one is a straight thriller about a hit woman who owns a hunting lodge in Canada...It was really fantastic and I'm hoping that she writes some more books with this character. I find I have been reading quite a few Canadian authors lately...Its odd, I'm starting to recognize things in Canada based on the stuff I have been reading..very strange.

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