Friday, July 20, 2007

happy friday

so today I watched "The Illusionist" at work. This has got to be one of my top 10 movies of the year. I loved it. Now I liked the "other" magician movie "The Prestige" as well, but this one really kicked ass....I actually got a bit of respect for Jessica Biel (which I really didnt have before as I always just saw her as some blonde bint who appeared in a bunch of lad mags). I had forgotten all about how great an actor Edward Norton is, it was also cemented last night when the answer on one of the world series of pop culture was "Primal Fear," which (I think) was Edward Norton's first acting role & a excellent surprise ending. It also reminded me I need to rent American History X.....Last night I watched an oldie but a goodie "Young Sherlock Holmes." I forgot how cool I thought this movie was when I was like 12 years old (or so). I also realized that the actor who plays the young Holmes was in another one of my favorite Films, "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels," he plays a stoner. I guess this is the week for British boarding school movies, first Harry Potter, and now this...Speaking of HP, Dale appears to be around page 350ish in the latest HP. Last night I was on mugglenet and they have a very excellent list of "loose ends" that they have compiled that need to be tied up/answered in Book 7. So Dale is looking over them with me and he is making me super pissed by saying "oh yes, you find this one out right away" or "oh yeah, R.A.B. is XXXXX XXXXX" (you ass you have ruined it for me ahhhhhhhhhh!) Now I have no idea if Dale is just being an ass and lying about "oh yes this gets answered right away" or "yeah it was cool how he/she did that." or "yes, there is nudity" (in response to my joking question "are there naked boobies in it yet?") or if he is being serious. He actually had one question for me which he really wanted to ask about something in Book 6 but wasnt sure if it would spoil it for me...I can assure you his question actually didnt spoil anything for me since I had already pretty much 99% surmised that the issue in question was what it actually turned out to be, so he didnt really spoil much....

In other random things:

My cousin Matt (not to be confused with my brother matt) is getting married in October @ the Grand Geneva resort and he called and asked if the girls would like to be flower girls in the wedding. Sure, they'd love it! Now I have done two things on this so far (he called 10 -15 min ago) I have a: not told my mom (who will, of course, be all mad/upset/disapointed because I am sure she will say its "terribly impractical" to have kids that young (they will be 4) in a wedding and she will keep up her mad-ness until the day of the wedding when, seeing how cute they are in bridesmaids dresses she will shut up see evidence from the fur muff and cape from my wedding circa 2002) and b: let my mother in law know its an owen day only....also have to now start process of flower girl dresses etc...this is going to cost me loads and i do not care....weddings are fun and as i said to my MIL, I always was hurt when i was little that my uncle mike and uncle myron didnt have me in their weddings...its part of the reason why i asked my cousin marina to stand up in mine, what girl doesnt want to be a flower girl? seriously.

renee were you and Olivia at westwood yesterday around 5:45? I thought I saw you as I was leaving? we should so get the girls and oliva together at westwood for a playdate in the pool eh?

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