Thursday, August 16, 2007

rehab is for quitters

so today is Thursday which means it is my late night again...Ive been
at work since 7am and Ill be here till 5pm. I hate working these 10
hour days. By about now (2:30) im shot...eating chocolate to stay
awake, reorganizing my desk, checking my appt. book for stuff to do,
making lists of crap i have to do at home (then discarding them as
useless as I will not do the stuff on there anyways) and wondering
(again) why i didnt just sleep an extra hour this morning. My boss and
I had a meeting this morning behind closed doors...he basically
offered to take the majority of my workload away from me and have me
write the process manual for the department and focus on internal
auditing of files....since he knows this is what i like to do anyways,
he was dangling a big carrot in front of me....its not like i had a
choice in the matter, but its nice to know my boss likes me enough to
try and make my work day more palatable.

today was food day at work. im too full to move, how can i type after
eating sweedish meatballs and cake? i ask you....

i bought chocolate gum today. its like chewing chocolate frosting. mmmm frosting

i may have to spend my afternoon doing the work "pretend" so i can
sleep (essentially i toss my ipod ear phones on, put my hands on the
keyboard, slink down low in my chair and nap)

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