Monday, August 27, 2007

job day

so I had an interview this afternoon with a law firm remarkably similar to my last job (except about 50x smaller) I really like the (one) attorney who interviewed me (she owns the firm) and liked the work duties was wierd that i had an hour interview and then they put me on the phones to see how I did....that was kind of odd....turns out a woman I worked with at M&I about 8 yrs ago works there too...

its salary + comission and she gives great I guess we shall see what we shall see, I think I would like to work there, its right on Barker behind Perkins...great location and she has young kids about my kids age and everyone there has kids (terrific!) its only one night a week late (7-7:30) that doesnt bother me and on saturday every 6 weeks for 3 hours (wooo kill me!)

anyways, thanks for the PHC links shannon and jen!

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