Tuesday, August 14, 2007

no feelings

you know, i sometimes think i would have more free flowing information
if i worked for the military than if i worked here...it is about 2:30
and my boss still hasnt sent the email out letting us know our
coworker is "sick" (read: too drunk or hungover to come to work). why
not just email everyone, in fact, why not just have that email set up
as a daily occurance since she is always sick?

I guess that lately I have been dealing with a lot of addicts in my
life. I think you have two kinds of addicts, one the ones that can't
stop what they are doing and try to get help, and try again, and try
again...and the ones that don't think they have a problem, until they
get in a drunk driving accident and kill someone. I had a long
discussion today about the debate over is alcoholism and disease or
not. Me, Im firmly in the NOT. Drinking is a choice you make, you
may not choose to become an addict but you did choose to start in the
first place, you don't choose cancer (Thats a disease)-although if you
choose to smoke 4 packs a day and get lung cancer, you cant really be
shocked can you?

Im divided because someone I really care about is trying to work through their addictions (and 10000 kudos for that) and someone I dont really like at all is totally denying theirs.

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