Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I have a new job (even before the last check from my old job and my 1st unemployment check arrived!) It is with an insurance agency in Elm Grove...the work hours kinda suck (but I get an hour for lunches) 8-5 M-Th and 8-3 Fridays and its business professional (no biggie) but I make only a liiiiittle less than I did at Rausch & since it's through the temp agency I can quit whenever I want if I don't like it.

Today Owen and I did errands (bank, library, coffee, etc..) and we went and ate lunch with Toni (thanks for the Burger King) & its like 94 outside (cant mow the lawn)...shannon hit a deer in her car (ouch!) and I lost 3 lbs since last week...

and Ryan is here this weekend (hooray!)

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