Sunday, January 18, 2009

uno nugget before i to bed

it is baby birthing season, kelly just popped out her twins...on her birthday (way to start the twin birth process out right by being ORGANIZED and ECONOMICAL!) Kris is @ the hospital now popping out hers (hooray Kris)

i, however will remain chemically barren for the entire length of my fertile days.

weekend wrap up:

today took family over to chris and dave's, had dale help dave put in new dishwasher, watched the kids play with every toy in the place...came home made dinner and magic cookie bars, found two things on craigs list (pushing daisies season one and a bookcase which i need to repaint tomorrow) and then went out and got them.

yesterdy ran errands (mya to doctor, Library, post office, bank, walmart, gas) and corralled matt into babysitting for an hour (i paid in cookies) so dale and I could run to half price books..bought books (shocking for me, I know)

friday, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, everything else was just so much noise. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!!!!

tomorrow i have off and have an all day date with my son. we are going to the movies together and seeing something at 12:35, i think bedtime stories with adam sandler. then chris and i are taking the boys to the girl scout counsel shop (weird) we have to get some stuff for the girls.

weekend update on what reading/listening/watching

reading: backup by jim butcher (pretty cool if you like the dresden files and very short) and my annual slog through lord of the rings, still on the fellowship of the ring, book 2....

listening: old 97's "adelaide", two death cab for cutie albums (i am now somewhat very into this emo band), "so what" by pink (she always puts out good poppy rockers)

watching: get smart, fred claus, veronica mars season 3 disc 2, battlestar galactica (sigh...ellen as the final of the final 5)

only 10 days til i leave for Tampa.

addendum, there are now 5 people i went to high school with who have had twins, gretchen, myself, mandy, kelly, and jessica....i also went to school with 3 sets of twins, twins must be my lot in life.