Friday, January 16, 2009

5 yrs?

from my archives i have been logging time on here since 2003. that is just fucked up.
wil wheaton watch your back-beeotch (i kid, because i love)

i got an email from an old attorney i worked with at GE....he's still litigating the heck out of cases for GE and STILL working on a case i passed to him in early 2001.

god bless the fast movin', always groovy legal system.

on todays theme, its also crazy when i get a call from one of my old attorney buddies about cases we worked years ago.

its even more crazy that i recollect the details.

and if i get one more attorney buddy telling me i should go to law school again, i'm gonna yak. i had a long discussion with one of them once about law school, he said this (and i think it was one of the more intelligent things Id ever heard....or possibly it wasnt and the wine made me think it was) about law school

law school didnt teach me how to become a good lawyer, you can learn how to be a lawyer and pass the bar just from reading books and studying your ass off. you learn how to argue and reason in law school and that carries on in your practice.

which makes sense. i told him i would by pass the law school and take the bar in a state that doesnt require a law degree to practice..i said i bet i could study like an MF-er and pass somewhere and hang my shingle doing estates and trusts. its my contention that death is where the money is...well that and patent attorneys, those guys make boocoo cash.

no matter what, very little makes me miss the days of paralegal-ing/litigation analyst-ing against deadbeat hospitals, imaging centers, and debtors. but it is always fun to tell crazy collection stories and to impress people at cocktail parties by saying things like "yes i have been deposed. yes i have testified in open court. yes i have won all the cases i sent down to trial. why yes i do have an attorney on speed dial, actually i have 5 who i could call if the shit hit the fan (although all of them live in either NY, NJ, or LA)