Friday, January 30, 2009

tampa day 1

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so today we woke up early (i guess) 7:30 here is 6:30 at home. had a rather good breakfast at the hotel (we are staying in a residence inn...the NFL so far really has done a nice job putting us up both this year and in 2007) and headed out early to busch gardens...we got there 10 min before the park opened and I am really glad i bought a sweatshirt last night because it was raining and cold! we hit the two big coasters within 10 minutes of each other...there were NO lines all day. we rode every coaster once, hit some shows and saw the whole park....all in all as dale said, "it doesnt even feel like we have been here for 8 hours!"

I asserted that since we had no kids to yell at , keep track of, feed, cajole, carry, or help go potty it made ofr a fun day...thanks to Juan and Justin for the hints about the park/weather!

we decided to go out to dinner (as the yling lang beer and doritos in the room were not enought for me) and went to this pizza place called cici's. BEST PIZZA BUFFET EVER.

the traffic down here is mental. the lights take about 5 min between cycles and people drive worse than illinois drivers, if that is possible.

tonight we decided to sit around in our jammies, drink beer (dale) eat baskin robbins (me) and watch Hitman and BSG. Great fraking episode. dont worry, it was a flash bang.

tomorrow we have free tickets (thanks NFL) to the NFL fan experience. plan on doing that all day and then maybe hitting the Mons Venus (best nudie bar in tampa) if i can stomach the $50.00 cover (lets hope ladies enter free)...if not we will hit either the penthouse club or the hard rock.

or neither, i dunno.

dale's dad should be here sunday aruond noon with mum, planning on staying in the room and watching the game with her.

i will post many many pictures after i get home.