Sunday, December 07, 2008

i had a bit of a snit the other night, whereby late at night i told dale as much as i understand that because i get home 1st and it makes 100% sense that I should cook dinner every night, I was a bit burned out and wished he knew how to do more than breakfast (waffles or pancakes in toaster) and peanut butter and jelly and it would be nice if he could cook every now and again.

i am teaching him sloppy joes for lunch in about 10 min. i had to show him how to do grilled cheese last week. maybe i can get a whole day off from cooking soon. that would be awesome.

still reeling from my bosses decision to bail from the firm. it doesnt make sense to anyone in the office...if you havent noticed already, we (the usa) doesnt have the best economy right now and its going to be hard to convince clients to jump ship to a new firm during a bad market....and i am convinced that people just dont like change...i dunno, monday at work should be interesting!

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