Monday, December 22, 2008

do not go softly into this dark night

so corey let us all know that Faith passed on shortly after 8am this morning. for a little girl that wasnt expected to survive for any length of time after birth she toughed it out for 2 days. way to go faith. jessica's sister took some beautiful shots of faith, this one here is my favorite (see below).

addison came out of the NICU today and is back in the room with mom and dad-hooray addison.

today at work was exceptionally hard. along with faith, one of our oldest clients, 3 months shy of his 102nd birthday died last night, according to his daughter he was snug in his bed, blew his caregiver a kiss goodbye, and quietly died, as she said "a true vieneese gentleman til the end."

other that being 101, he was in perfect health-he just died. his daughter said he has been wanting to go, he's outlived all his friends, his wife etc...and thought the time was right. what a way to go..I found out about his passing about 5 min before I heard about faith's and that pretty much caused me to break down at work...then about 5 min after that, another client died, which makes 23 on the year. I was pretty much useless for a few hours today.

tonight i have no plans, nothing i have to do, nothing i need to do, nothing i want to do....

just waiting the start of xmas, waiting for R to get back here, and waiting for the snow to come again (wed and friday another 12-18 inches.)

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