Saturday, August 02, 2008

I got the girls 5th birthday pictures back. even though i wanted to die (from strep) at the shoot and they were uncooperative, the shots turned out OK

A person I work with gave me state fair tickets, so we are taking the kids today, it is supposed to be HOT HOT HOT but we are going early. we also have to get malinda to the denist (i think she has a cavety) this morning.

i'm feeling blue for my boy down there in hot-lanta. sorry you are losing your woman next week. stay strong brother man....or better yet, come up here for your birthday and we will take you to chuck e cheese.

work has been LONG and boring this week. I am back to my 5 minutes of real work and 7 hrs and 55 minutes of time with nothing to do. if i could only play video games or something while i am there it would be so money.

owen is working at being potty trained. he had two days this week with 0 accidents, that is HUGE for him. i am comitted to no more diapers in 2009. which would be great since he will be 4 this year.

stuff i am watching this week:

be kind rewind-very boring movie except the part where they recreate ghostbusters (they call this "sweeding" the movie, you would really have to watch to understand) i rewatched that 4 times i laughed so hard/

six feet under season 4-ah so good.


and eternity by piers anthony, the last incarnation of immortality book. im sad.


a son of the circus by john irving & starting over with piers in audiobooks with death rides a pale horse (which is what dead like me is based on)

also listening to katy perry, the perishers, the weepies & some sonic youth.

kudos to me: for cleaning my bathroom this morning and mowing the lawn yesterday.

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