Sunday, August 31, 2008

happy birthday girls

Happy Birthday Girls!
Current mood: awake

so today at 9:23 and 9:30 am (respectively) the girls turned 5 years old. We celebrated by letting me sleep in and going to the Milwaukee Public Museum. A place which has not changed in the past 32 years. really I swear. Same shit, different day. The kids had fun and we held butterflys and watched the "Butterfly Guide Volunteer" chastise the guests to NOT step on any butterflies.....and then watched him step on a Postman Butterfly. (nice job-asshole)

we ate lunchables at the patio for lunch (cheap and easy for me) and stopped at Toys R Us for Birthday present pick out (2 stuffed golden retrievers and a stuffed collie) we are at home and dale is stipping walpaper as we prepare to paint the library. I would like to get my 6 bookshelves out of our temporary library (before its current incarnation it was formally known as, my bathroom) and into here. We are painting one wall the same tannish orange as the big room and 3 walls a nice cream color.

Brewers are winning, cubs losing. suck it cubs, cardinals are losing...suck it cardinals.

tonight its birthday dinner at dennys (free) with the twins and painting.

I may even get a breather to play some diablo tonight (although not likely)

tomorrow: borrowing truck to get couches from inlaws and for the love of Mike, relaxing,
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