Sunday, June 15, 2008

mildew and wet vac’s
Current mood: distraught

so if you didnt already hear, our basement got wet...we didnt get flooded (aka standing water) what we got was seepage (Water coming up through the foundation of the house) im writing this on dales computer so i cant upload pictures of our sodden carpet but i spent the entire day friday wet vac'ing or carpet cleaning sucking up water in my computer room library and our playroom (aka the one room we always do everything in)

thankfully most of the stuff i have in storage down here is in a plastic bin so very very little got ruined, we threw out some old sofa pillows from our old couch (no big loss) an old wood shelf my mom brought over (no idea why we had it for storage anyways) and random papers and odds and ends.

we have a total of 4 box fans, 3 radial fans, a new 175.00 dehumidifier running in the basement at all times....the combo of vac'ing and fanning and dehumidifiing has made the totally soaken wet carpets now just "moist" or "slightly damp" or pretty much dry. the problem is that now the whole house smells like damp or mildew or stale or i dunno what. my mom is against me cleaning the carpets now (til it all dries out) and i cant handle the smell. opening the windows all day yesterday didnt do much and its better to keep the ac on anyways to pull moisture out of the house. if anyone has any ideas for making the house smell purdy i would welcome them...

other than that, im pretty miserable overall.
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