Thursday, June 05, 2008

hola, como estas?

tonight dale and i went on a date, we went to marcus and got a pizza and saw indiana jones....dale thought it was pretty lame, i thought it was pretty we were walking out we saw a gaggle (at least 10-15) middle early aged (35-45) women dressed up in NY "sheek" with cheep high heels and crappy target oversized purses. 20 bucks to guess which movie they were headed to?

i mocked them the whole way out.

i must say i never watched sex in the city, i dont have HBO for one and for two, i really hate sarica jessica parker. she is a horsy faced nob. and annoying. really fucking annoying.

i liked indiana jones myself, i can see where the mutt jones sequals will be happening and i totally get the last 20 min of the movie where my dad said "thats where you can see where george lucas got his hand in and let the ILM geeks go bonkers" (word dad, word.)

this is now my new favorite picture of owen. kid is a hot mess, seriously.

i have been watching and enjoying six feet under (thanks ryan darling) and believing what my twin says, he really goes resemble nate....its getting pretty creepy son..thats 4 sure.

this week i also read the new anita blake, blood noir, the latest james patterson cross novel, double cross, the latest maryjanice davidson betsy book (vg) and i am working my way through a "bones" book by kathy reichs.

watching on TV (besides 6 feet under) greek and top chef...i cant wait that project runway is back on soon....i hope that christian "fierce hot tranny mess" will make some sort of apperance...also watched spider man 3 (sp features, which sucked), enchanted (twice) and we have surf's up for the kids tomorrow.....also BSG on tomorrow nite, whooop!

listening to XTC, Jose Gonzales and Al Hirt like a madwoman.

ive got to go wash my hair and pretend to get stuff for the gym tomorrow (i would rather sleep in)

thanks to jenamarie for lunch today...had fun on the girls day out!

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