Sunday, June 01, 2008


a long 48 hours in the dells...
kids went bonkers, but then again they always do
saturday we went on the ducks (pictures to follow here shortly) i cant remember the last time i did that tour, we really had fun.
we checked in to the hotel, the polynesian and i think it was a FANTASTIC waterpark if you have kids under 7. there was NO ONE there the kids had the entire inside area to themselves for about an hour....dale and i each had a drinky drink (him, rum, strawberry mudslide. mmmmmm mudslide) and watched the kids play.
the girls almost drowned (really) but thanks to a nice teenage kid lifeguard are still alive. (note to children, when mommy says, "ill check to see how deep the water is first" that does not mean, lets go down the waterslide into 4 feet of water when you cant swim. and malinda while you see your sister drowing and being rescued, that does not mean you should go down the slide and get rescued too.)

after we played for a bit at the waterpark we had dinner at subway and decided to get tickets for the tommy barlett watershow. its always my favorite part of the a show for 55 years and you kinda get it down pat. we saw the 8:30 show which means we get to see the dancing waters (hooray!). the kids went into bed at like 11pm (my kids normally in bed by 7) and owen kept me up ALL NIGHT till 4am when i couldnt take it anymore.

by couldnt take it anymore i mean, rolling on top of me, kicking, pulling my hair, almost falling off the bed, grinding teeth, sucking noises and i am not sure what else...all while sound asleep. i gave up at 4am and made dale sleep with him.

we went to mr. pancake (also a dells staple for me and my family) and had...pancakes (sadly no boysenberry syrup-criminal) and went to noahs ark with 3 really fucking crabby kids. we stayed about 4 hours, dragged their asses out of there and they were all asleep within 2-10 minutes of being in the car...

dale and i listened to the brewers spank the astros (10-1) on the way home.

got home, noticed i am now a bit tan, with a bit of red on my shoulders (stupid spray on sunscreen...)

tonight we had mediterranian chicken (chicken breasts with dried tomatoes, green olives, capers, artichoke, garlic and white wine) and black beans and rice.

i then went on a tear cleaning out my closet and have a bucket of crap for goodwill.
i am going to watch 6 feet under and cross stitch.

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