Sunday, May 18, 2008

ही तेरे एवेर्योने!

that we took the kids to see nim's island yesterday
for little kids like mine, they were pretty bored...i'd say it was more for 8 yr olds who wanted to follow the story (mine were wondering when dancing cartoon chipmunks and songs would start) but really what struck me is how OLD Jodie Foster looked. Now I know she is in her 40s..but with movie magic sophia loren (who is like 82) looks in her either they did a great job of olding her up or she just looks old....

last night i did some retail therapy bought a very cool book and got some fantastic deals...a nice red sweater from old navy for 1.97 (whoo hoo), a RED t-ee from the gap for 5 bucks (its white with a red flamingo on it and its very very soft and a v-neck....and i got some shorts since for some reason i can not find my shorts.

i bought the kids enchanted (mya is not happy as this movie scared her)

and dale is preoccupied with listening to the douglas adams books on his zen.

my dad is home from the hospital too...

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