Monday, May 05, 2008


a few things out of the way:

1. congrats to my boss (ish) and fellow north hs classmate DJ on the birth of son #2 Brady Benjamin, advise to him to his wife to demand of your body that it expell the bebe on your timetable worked. kid was born yesterday 1 week early.

2. congrats to damon on bebe #2, a son. Ethan Connor joins Brooke (who I think is 5) at home.

3. warm wishes to my favorite author and friend PKM on the anniversary of her engagement.

4. good thoughts to my other boss (ish) Dave...his wife has a mysterious virus and she is in a lot of pain, but getting better.

movies I watched lately:
27 dresses-rating eh (eh=dismissive vocalization expressing ennui or general dismissivenes)...I would say in the realm of RomComs it was not as bad as anything with JLo (see Monster in Law and that thing with Matthew McConnehey where she plays the wedding planner) but not as good as say, Sweet Home Alabama or Ever After.

Die Hard 2-why the hell do they call these movies die hard? McClaine never dies hard, he just has really shitty xmases? having never seen it before and then hearing ryan say it was the worst out of all of them (he hasnt seen #4) and then seeing it was a reny harlin directed picture. i agree. the 1st one was better.

Walk Hard-The Dewey Cox Story. Way way funny. and bonus points for having so many "Office" cast members in the cast. more bonus points for Jenna Fischer. she is so fraking hot.

have been watching the ENTIRE extended edition LOTR with the kids. you havent lived till you hear your 3 yr old son laugh as orks get decapatated and your 4 year old daughter say "those good guys need to stab somone in the stomach, or maybe the eye and kill them so mr frodo and go to the volanco and not get dead." (real quote, i shit you not)

In Queue: The Golden Compass (to see how it ruined a great book) waiting to watch with dale (and now I have to say "beef, it's what for dinner" thanks ryan), Juno (to mock diablo cody...honest to blog), National Treasure: Book of Secrets & 30 rock, season 1.

TV Watchin':

The Office, House, Bones, & Greek all kick ass on TV, however nothing rocks so hard as Battlestar Galactica. The fact that this show ends this season is awful. Its so mother fraking good i cant stand myself. makes friday nights worth it again. Starbuck rules.

Kathy Reich's Temperance Brennan books (aka the inspiration for "Bones") very very good. Thanks dad for loaning to me.

The latest #1 Ladies Detective Agency Robin (my SIL) says "always so delightful." agreed.

shopgirl by steve martin...short, but actually really good. i recommend.

princess mia by meg cabot. yes i read the princess diaries series. you go to hell. you go to hell and you die. this book reminded me so much of ME circa 1995 i wet my fraking PILLOW crying. thank god dale was sleeping....

the lovely bones-really disturbing, yet very beautiful, made you want to believe there is heaven. I couldnt read more than a chapter at a time, kids being murdered bothers me.

Harry Potter VII, for about the 9th time. still is a read to remember.

Stuff im listening to:

According to the play count on my ipod I love the following more than anything:

Band of Horses "No One's Gonna Love You."
Feist, 1234
This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race by fallout boy
How Can I tell you by Liz Durret
The Way I am by Ingrid Michaelson
Overkill by Colin Hay
Winter by Joshua Radin
You by Fisher
Walter Reed by Michael Penn
and Hey Julie by Fountains of Wayne

new earworm song "Baby it's cold outside" by Leon Redbone and Zooey Deschanel (from "Elf"...."its' SANTA! {that slays me})

new find: nothing like you and i by the perishers.

this week, im busy...tomorrow is kindergarden registration (depressing and joyful) and brewers game on saturday.

love ya all.

hi lori

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