Tuesday, February 12, 2008

my weekend, sucky suck time

I really meant to post this Sunday, I really did. Life happened.
First off, I am sick. My cold is now bronchitis and as seems to happen once every 5-6 years I am reasonably sure that it is turning into bronchial pnumonia. My ribs ache from coughing, I can't sleep cause I cough all night and I think I am buying Kleenex stock since I have gone through so much kleenex blowing my nose and hacking up green goop. Andrea said she will speak at my funeral, thanks babe.

Saturday I had my twins meeting in Appleton. We had a fantastic room at Grazie's Italian Grill. I had two Mimosas and a good lunch. Saturday night/afternoon Dale and I shopped, ate @ Outback, stayed in the hotel and watched Die Hard on AMC (I had never seen it before-true story). All is well & I got Baskins Robbins to bring home (only in WI is it -25 windchill and the ice cream store is packed).

Sunday its fucking cold, like -35 to -50 wind chills, The car is mad at being outside all night, it's cold, it sucks. So we start off to drive home....
Here is what the freeway looked like:

it's crap....I'm nervous. Dale decides to get off the freeway and take 164 outta Slinger home....several badly plowed, unreasonably drifty and slippry miles later:

we are in the ditch. As you can see we hit the ONLY fucking pole (with no signage or anything on it) for at least 4 miles. Causing 2k + worth of damage to the car. The nice policeman showed up and no less than 3 more cars went into the ditch while slowing down to pass our accident safely.

Sunday PM: Dale's tonsils look like puffy spotted golfballs....
Monday AM: Dale has strep throat and the car can't be fixed till March and will take at least a week.
Tuesday: I have had it.

On a better note: look at how cute my kid is:

happy valentines day all!

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