Friday, September 28, 2007

im sorry

I know that I have not written as much drivel as I usually write for the last week. This week has been very very busy. Wed night was our client event at the Milwaukee Art Museum. It was really nice (for the 15k we spent) with some awesome desserts....and I got CARDED by the bartender (no i didnt have my ID so dale got my drink for me.) most of the museum was closed down due to HVAC problems (bummer) but it was nice spending time with Dale.

last night my heart broke watching the brewers game...fucking ryan braun.

today I feel like crap, the girls had ballet, Owen pooped himself raw (thats just how he rolls) and this weekend we have alot to do.

I am watching Knocked Up and The Office tonight, tomorrow we celebrate Toni's birthday (happy birthday mum)...Damon is pregnant again (congrats to Jen and Damon) and Ryan is emotionally spent (i think?) Sunday= Go Pack Go.

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