Wednesday, October 30, 2002

2nd post of the day, during my smoke break at work. (don't actually smoke but since everyone else does I use the break {If I take one} to surf the net or whatever). My boss has left for the AM to go watch the CEO of the business speak about the business (i.e. to get face time with someone who won't remember his name 10 minutes from now) so that leaves me blissfully unobserved and able to accomplish my job without interruptions. For thsoe who don't know, I have the joy of sitting outside my boss' door, always fun fun happy time for good ole mary. This weekend is shaping up to be mighty busy...Friday nite is MechWarrior down at Napoleons-I'm bringing my camera this week, hope to get a few neat pictures: I'm sure we will all head out and grab a burger or pizza after the event.

For those friends NOT in the know, MechWarrior is basically a bunch of little robots and infantrymen and tanks and stuff on a 36 x 36 board running around shooting at each other (as you can imagine I am the only girl who plays-although there is another wife who played last week at a different event) and trying to win prizes (other robots and tanks or whatever). Dale is pretty good (he is ranked in the world-checkout and search for Dalemite!) and I am less than that, but it beats sitting around at home on Friday nite-plus its nice to hang with Muench, Jeff, Mikey and co...

Anywho..Its getting close to my vacation time from work (as in 21 days and counting!) and I am off to San Antonio, TX to visit Dylan & Dan Peden WHOOO HOO!!! I have been told by numerous people I need to check out the Riverwalk when I am down there. Dylan tells me I need to pee on the Alamo (didnt Ozzy do that?) which I feel might be a wee bit impossible. I'm not planning on renting a car (although I might do that for 1 or 2 days just to tool around) so I am at the mercy of the boys. I think that they have a pool so I expect to be sitting in front of it reading in the sun as much as I can, I think I might need an extra suitcase just for books. If anyone has any other ideas for stuff I need to visit while in San Antonio email me at home

The break is almost over, I'm debating on if I want to pay 15.00$ a year to be able to post pictures here (I guess the answer would be yes, but I would have to make sure people actually visited the page before I spend $ to post a bunch of snaps!

See everyone later!