Monday, June 06, 2011

TODAY was a bad day, here is why.

Here is why:

I am sunburned.

I am sick with some sort of allergy/summer cold/sinus infection thing.

I have had to sleep on the couch for the past week.

1. our bed is so old if you breathe deep it makes squeeky noises.

2. i am sick with allergies which makes me breathe all wacky so I am keeping dale awake and not sleeping well.

3. I am sunburned and the couch is softer and there is no chance of some hubby rolling into me and making me wake up yelling ;)

I am sick of sleeping on the couch.

I can not breathe.

My throat is sore.

My kids are sick.

My kids are sunburned.

My kids are thus cranky and crabby.

I have no voice with which to do much of anything my kids can't hear me talk.

The cat refuses to stop:

Puking on my floor and Pooping right outside of, but not in, her litter box.

My elbow is itchy for no known reason.

True Blood's season 4 premiere is like 3 weeks away, that is just way to long to wait.

My house never seems to stay clean.

and I am sunburned and sick, did I mention that?

I feel much better now that I have bitched and moaned.